Study Like A Pro and Improve Your Grades – What Nootropics Can Do for You

You’re stressed!

You’re tired!

Your focus is split into a hundred different directions.

You have to go to work.

You have family coming to stay with you. Your house is a mess. You have kids to take care of. And you have finals to study for.

So, what do you do?

How do you focus on studying amidst everything else in your life?

Well, don’t fret. Take a big, deep breath in and exhale slowly because now I’m going to tell you what to do.

Let’s start with hello!

My name is Sarah. I’m a wife, a student, a mother of two small children, and a part-time photographer doing family pictures on the side.

In my free time, I like to…. ha, seriously what is free time?

The truth is, like so many of you I don’t have any free time.

Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done.

There was a time, not long ago, that I didn’t get done nearly as much as I needed to each day, but those days are in my past now.

I’m about to share with you how I changed that.

My Journey To Find The Best Nootropics for Studying

I decided to go back to school to work on my education while being a stay at home mom.

I thought I could fit some studying in between meals and baths and house cleaning and grocery shopping.

I wasn’t worried about having time to do my school work because my kids are young, so they take naps and go to bed early.

That would give me plenty of time to work on things.

But the truth is, I got in way over my head. I underestimated the amount of work I do in one day.

There was always something else to do other than studying.

While studying I was trying to find ways on how to be efficient and get things done faster. I had read (1) that we do need to take a break every now and then.

Some more pressing task that, even if I forced myself to sit down and study, I would be thinking about so my focus wasn’t there. I wasn’t able to retain anything.

I would read the same sentence over and over and just couldn’t get it to stick. I knew I needed something to help, and fast!

I started talking to friends, people I knew at school and people on social media.

Everyone had good input and advice on different ways I could take my studying efforts to a better level, or how I could make more time in my day.

There were some good suggestions, but there was this one girl in my psychology class that always seemed so prepared for class, had amazing grades, and just seemed to have it together all the way around.

She mentioned the word nootropics to me. Just the word itself intrigued me, but I was even more interested when she told me she worked two jobs and was a single mother to a little boy.

Anyone who has that much going on and can still maintain the kind of poise she had, with grades that put her at the top of all her classes has obviously figured out something that works.

She explained to me that nootropics were basically smart drugs that help you focus on whatever task is in front of you.

So, I went home and looked up nootropics that day.

The Best Nootropics I Found for Studying

best nootropics for studying

What are nootropics exactly?

My classmate called them smart drugs. I also saw them referred to as “miracle pills” online.

I don’t know that I would call them miracle pills, but they can do a lot for you.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers. Some of them are natural, while others are drugs.

You can get them over-the-counter or through a doctor’s prescription.

Whichever type you take, their purpose is to enhance the executive functions in the brain. These include creativity, memory, and motivation.

When you start your research for what nootropics would be right for you, you’ll likely see a lot of information about a debate over whether taking these cognitive enhancers when there’s no medical indication that you need to be right or not.

To that, my response would be that you are the only person who knows truly what you deal with on a day-to-day basis.

It’s up to you to decide if you need a little help or not. As with anything else, you just need to use the nootropics you choose in a responsible fashion and in the manner that is directed on the packaging.

Some of the natural nootropic supplements have been used by people since ancient times.

Just be smart about what kind of nootropic you choose and how you use it.

I did a lot of comparative research that day but now that I have used nootropics and am rocking it in my classes just, so you know, I can say with confidence that these are some of my favorites for studying.

And the great thing is you can get all of these without having a prescription from a doctor.

Caffeine and L-Theanine:

The combination of caffeine and L-Theanine works together to increase your focus and your memory.

Memory is so very important for studying because much of what you do when studying is trying to retain the information you are taking in during the process.

The caffeine gives you the stamina to keep going when you’re studying, while the L-Theanine gives you the focus and the enhanced memory ability.

Also, the L-Theanine works to cancel any of the adverse side effects people get from caffeine.

Alpha GPC:

This supplement will give you a great boost to your memory. Your body already has this compound but in a small amount.

By giving your body more of it, you increase a chemical in the brain called Acetylcholine.

This chemical is responsible for information retention and memory.

Some people report that they do get a subtle consistent energy boost from Alpha GPC but that isn’t one of its main benefits.

What I liked to do was combine this nootropic with the caffeine/L-Theanine combination. It makes for a complete package.

Qualia Mind:

This nootropic is a good all-around supplement that is great for maximum mental optimization.

The reason it’s so good is because it’s a blend of compounds that are meant for different pieces of the mental puzzle.

Qualia Mind has nootropic compounds, amino acids, antioxidants, choline donors, neuro-vitamins and adaptogen extracts.

All of this work together to give you increases in mental focus, energy that lasts all day, increased willpower and the ability to shake off brain fog effortlessly.


All of your cognitive functions will be enhanced with Nooflow.

Your study sessions will be so much more productive.

This is another nootropic blend of compounds.

It gives you energy to help you stay alert for learning for extended periods of time. It opens your brain up for learning at a higher level and enhances your memory capabilities.

Nooflow is meant to help you with all areas of your life. Everything from studying for exams to social settings.

Everything you do in your day will be better and more productive. Even your mood will be better, as it works to combat stress and anxiety(2) too.


This is actually a blend of 11 different nootropics that are combined to make a supplement that will help you enhance everything in your life.

I like this one because it’s meant to open up all of the pathways in your brain. It gives you focus, better memory, energy, better learning ability, and endurance for everything.

The formula is comprised of clean ingredients that all have their own specific function and there isn’t any redundancy in the makeup. Here’s their website here.

Read this review and why I recommend MindLabPro

The Benefits of Nootropics

benifits of nootropics

At this point I think you can see what the benefits are of taking nootropics.

But let’s just lay it out in an easy to see list for reinforcement here. It’s important just to note that there are different nootropics that will give different benefits though.

If you’re looking for a specific benefit, make sure you research which ones are good for enhancing certain areas like memory.

If you want to get benefits in more than one area or all areas you can then take one of the blends like the ones I mentioned above.

So here are some of the benefits:

  • Boost memory
  • Improve your ability to focus
  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase energy
  • Open up the brain pathways for learning

Who Should Take Nootropics?

If the opening paragraph of this article spoke loudly to you, then you should certainly try nootropics.

But honestly, most adults can benefit somehow from taking nootropics.

It’s an up and coming trend among students and people in the workplace. If you’re a person who has a lot going on or someone who just feels like concentrating on anything is a challenge, then nootropics is a really good option for you to try.

It might be the difference between success and failure for you.

It isn’t magical, it just helps to unlock the parts of your brain that will allow you to complete tasks and learn in a more productive manner.

I would say the most important thing to consider is what you want to get from your nootropics. That will help you choose what the best one is for your needs.

Common Side Effects

Nootropics haven’t been studied for that long.

However, many of them have been deemed as safe and some even act as “neuroprotective agents,” meaning they actually protect your brain function and cognitive abilities.

There is research that is showing that nootropics may help ward off cognitive degeneration, keeping people from suffering from degenerative diseases as they get older.

But as with any supplemental additive to your body, there can be some side effects that you’ll want to be aware of as you consider taking nootropics for your needs.

An important thing to remember when taking nootropics is to only take the dosage that is recommended for the particular kind you’re taking.

Anything in higher dosages than what is recommended will most likely give you some kind of unwanted side effect.

For some of the nootropics, taking a higher than recommended dosage can lead to painful intestinal issues.

Another side effect that can be felt when taking nootropics is a headache.

Sometimes the headaches are only from taking too much of something.

But it could be that the chemicals you’re taking just don’t mix well with your body chemistry. Most of the time the headaches people are reporting are when they are taking prescription nootropics.

If you’re taking over-the-counter natural nootropics at their correct dosages, your risk for headache is much lower.

The best thing I can say is to watch out for any negative side effects that you may feel when you start your nootropics. Most of them have been deemed safe to take but everybody’s bodies are different.

What works for one person may be different for another person.

Also, do your research when you’re choosing a nootropic to take. While many of the choices out there are from reputable retailers, there are always going to be some that are not.

Make sure to get your nootropics from a legit provider.


So, there you have it. You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by everything you have to do, and on top of everything you have to find a way to study enough to get the good grades you know you’re capable of getting.

That’s exactly how I was feeling too.

Until I discovered something that would help me with all of my endeavors but especially with my studying.

The key to unlocking your brain’s full potential is in something called nootropics.

I can’t tell you how much taking this as a part of my daily routine has helped me to improve in all of my classes.

And I’m getting so much done overall in my life too. If you want to get more out of your study time and capitalize on all your brain has to offer, try nootropics.

I’m telling you, they’ve made such a difference for me. I’m positive that they’ll do the same for you too!

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