A Look at Some of the Best Natural (and Better) Alternatives to Adderall

If you’ve never heard of Adderall, then it’s possible that you may have been living under a rock.

Adderall is a prescription drug that is mainly used to help with narcolepsy as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

It’s essentially a stimulant that is meant to keep you awake and super focused, which is a fact that has made it popular with college students that pull all-nighters writing papers and cramming for tests.

If you’re looking for a stimulant to help you stay awake, alert, and focused then Adderall might be the answer; however, this drug does have some major drawbacks. It’s important that you understand the negative side effects it may have on users.

You should also know that there are natural supplements available that are safer than Adderall and provide the same benefits.

First, Take a Look Inside the Pill

Adderall doesn’t depend on magic itself to keep you focused and awake. Rather, the pill is a combination of two stimulant drugs, amphetamine, and dextroamphetamine.

Together, they speed up your heart rate and increase your metabolism.

This is another reason that the pill is popular; its ability to decrease appetite has made it coveted by those seeking to lose weight. However, the drawbacks to Adderall is that it can cause irregular heartbeat and even cardiac arrest.

Scary. The drug does have benefit to those that have a prescription for it.

However, for those that are just seeking a way to improve their brain function and concentration, an alternative that doesn’t come with the negative side effects must be considered.

There simply is a better way to stay focused. Consider these natural alternatives to Adderall that will give you the same result minus the scary heartbeat.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic with ingredients that come from mostly natural sources.

The website that markets this supplement promises that it can be used by those seeking optimized brainpower.

Rather than replacing the brain’s natural biological pathways with synthetic activity like Adderall, Mind Lab Pro works to sharpen those biological pathways by promoting brain energy and blood flow.

It alters brain chemicals and brainwaves in a safe manner with natural substances, thus protecting your brain and helping it to regenerate cells more efficiently.

The result is better memory and mood, ability to focus, and cognitive longevity.

For those that are afraid of synthetic substances like Adderall, this is a healthier alternative that produces similar results.

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Addrena Focus Pep

Similar to Mind Lab Pro, this over the counter stimulant has nootropics supplements and energy ingredients that help speed up brain performance for work and studying. Addrena Focus Pep works to fire up neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals in your brain that transmit a signal between its neurons. They work to help with focus, increase your concentration, and naturally improve your mood. One of the ingredients in Addrena Focus Pep is Tyrosine.

Tyrosine increases dopamine levels, which is a mighty brain chemical that helps facilitate neuron communication between nerve cells.

By increasing the level of dopamine as well as epinephrine, which is adrenaline, in your brain’s neurons, Addrena Focus Pep creates a response that stimulates brain function and concentration.

Tyrosine, along with other ingredients, greatly improves concentration and leads to cognitive enhancement in a fashion similar to Adderall.

This supplement does have caffeine in it, which might be a turn off for some, but overall, it’s effective.

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It’s becoming common knowledge that omega-3 is needed for brain development starting from the time we are conceived. Most prenatal vitamins are advertised as containing Omega-3, and fish oil is sold in pill form to help us get enough of this fatty acid.

Low levels of Omega-3 in a person’s body have been related to ADHD.

But, also note that a consistent daily supplement of Omega-3 that has been taken for a few months actually helps to treat ADHD.

This good fat helps to improve active brain function and memory while protecting your brain against degeneration of its neurons as well as loss of cognitive function.

You can find omega-3 in oral supplements, or you can incorporate it into your diet by eating fish and other seafood, nuts, seed, or plant oils.

Ultra-Natural Alternatives to Adderall

If you’re not looking to take a supplement to Adderall, there are still some natural ways that you can increase brain function and focus without taking the drug.

Drink Water

When you’re dehydrated, it makes it more difficult for your brain to focus on tasks and function the way that it should. Water helps regulate your body temperature and flushes out bodily waste. It also helps with cell growth, reproduction, and maintenance.

Most importantly, water delivers oxygen to your brain and manufactures hormones and neurotransmitters.

A hydrated brain is a healthy brain, so make sure that you are getting plenty of water to drink each day.


Consistent meditation helps to reduce stress and issues with concentration, thus allowing you to focus on tasks. This is likely because meditation increases brain activity in areas of the brain that are dedicated to focus, learning, and memory.

This isn’t a one and done method though. Consistency and dedication is necessary to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Try to meditate twice a day for at least three months.


So, there you have it. While Adderall may deliver instant results of alertness and focus, in the long run, you can develop a tolerance or even dependency on it. Safer and easier to obtain options are out there.

The nootropics discussed here are just a few of the popular ones available, and they are all natural!

Of course, the key thing to remember is to take care of yourself first. A brain that is healthy generally performs better from the get-go.

Get plenty of rest, exercise, and make sure that you are drinking water. If you do these things, the supplements that you take to help you boost brain power and focus will perform that much better.

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